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Discover the Noosa River by Boat

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a boat licence?

No, a licence is not required. A comprehensive briefing is given to you before you take over the houseboat. A qualified person will take you out into the river and will ensure that both you and they are happy with your handling of the boat before leaving you. At the end of your holiday they will bring you back into the jetty.

What is provided on the houseboat?

We supply all the linen (includes sheets, pillows, doonas, towels), all kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery. There’s a fridge, small freezer, one or two LARGE eskies, a gas BBQ, and a 3 metre dinghy (complete with outboard). There’s a CD player, a radio, a television, and a two-way radio to contact base.

All you need to bring is your food and drink, a change of clothes, a swimming towel and fishing gear.

Can we contact "base" from the houseboat?

We provide our home and mobile numbers for contact at all times if any problem arises during your holiday. Someone is always available to help.

Your mobile phone will work in 98% of the area.

Power and Electronics

The boat is all 12-volt power, the system will not accommodate 12-volt refrigerators, air pumps, inverters etc.

There are two USB ports to recharge compatible devices.

What happens if we run out of something?

The commonest thing to run out of is ice. Downstream from our base there are plenty of shops (along with some excellent restaurants) within a short dinghy trip. Tewantin is the best place to get additional supplies. The next place up river to get supplies is Boreen Point in Lake Cootharaba. Entry to Lake Cootharaba is subject to weather conditions.

Is there enough water aboard?

There is sufficient water aboard for about a week of sensible use. However, if everyone wants two ten minute showers a day you will soon be forced to come back to the jetty where we can easily and quickly re-supply you. It’s inconvenient for you though, so we encourage you to conserve water.

The water in the tanks is perfectly good to drink, by the way, so there is no need to bring bottled water, unless you particularly like it.

Where can we anchor?

The houseboats have a chart of the area on board, and the briefing covers the best anchorages. Full instructions are given on the art of anchoring!

There are lots of spots to stop for the night, or for a quick run ashore. A favourite one is at Teewah Landing, as far north as you can go, weather permitting. From there you can walk to the ocean, or climb Teewah Hill for a breath-taking 360 degree view of the lake and river system. Many of our customers spend the night at anchor at Teewah (weather permitting), to enjoy the solitude and the balmy evenings.

At the other end of the river, at Noosaville, there are a variety of shops and restaurants, and the local Sailing Club, if you don’t want to cook for yourself.

What other services are available?

We supply a crab-pot and if required we have some simple fishing rods and tackle, and a yabby pump that can be borrowed.

We have life jackets for children under 12.

We cannot provide ice or bait, however both are available close by.

On board recharging of laptop batteries can be accommodated with advance notice and electronic devices is via USB Ports

See “Will my car be safe?” for security parking arrangements.

Will my car be safe?

Many clients are quite happy to leave their vehicles at the jetty, and we have not had a problem with this. However, for your peace of mind we can take your car (plus or minus trailer) to a secure place for a few dollars a night. While every possible care is taken, we know you will understand that the responsibility remains with you.

Can I bring my own boat/tinnie?

Yes, but we would like advance notice of your intention to do so. If you bring your own boat, we do not provide you with one of our dinghies, as experience has shown that towing two boats leads to disasters! You must take great care to avoid damaging the houseboat (which is fibre-glass) with your boat (especially “tinnies!”). Bring a couple of fenders (not tyres!) with you to protect both boats from damage.

Can we bring the dog/cat/hamster?

Sorry, the Health Department doesn’t allow animals aboard the houseboats. Much of the area through which you travel is within National Park and they don’t allow it either.

Will the boats accommodate the elderly?

We would suggest that you charter Ibis, our 8 berth houseboat, as it has no stairs and has lots of useable space.

Are the houseboats safe for everyone?

If you follow the instructions given at the briefing, there’s very little harm can come to you. Obviously all boats have the potential to hurt you if you do silly things, but ordinary common sense is enough to avoid accidents.

If you have small children, we would recommend you charter Ibis. This boat has no steps, stairs or ladders to fall off, and the setup is such that it is easier to keep track of everyone and still enjoy your holiday! We have extra small life jackets that the small children find comfortable to wear.

Is there a boat suitable for the less able?

Yes, we would recommend Ibis, as there are no stairs, and lots of open space aboard. We have had folk in wheelchairs aboard, but they have had some independent mobility, which is necessary to access the toilet and shower

Are the boats environmentally friendly?

All our boats conform to Maritime Queensland’s strict survey conditions. All sewage is retained aboard and pumped to the town sewer on return. They are anti-fouled with paint which is not harmful to the environment. The houseboat motors are 4-strokes which do not pollute the waterway. We firmly believe in protecting the pristine waterway that is, of course, our livelihood. The Noosa River is the only river in SE Queensland with an A- rating.

My question isn't covered here!

Please give us a call, or a fax, or an e-mail with your question and we will do our best to answer it.

We are happy to let you inspect the boats before booking, but please phone first, to ensure that the boats you want to see are in harbour when you intend to visit.

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Please Note: We always reply to enquiries promptly. Please check ALL folders (including spam and junk) for our reply.

We also welcome phone enquiries between 8am and 8pm 7 days a week. Information can then be emailed to you.